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  • Stunt kite bridle set up problems

    I have an old stunt kite with two 3 point bridles. Completely out of adjustment. Is there a default method of adjusting these, just to get the kite flying in the fist place? Someone mentioned getting the rings to line up with the rear spar. Any other suggestions would be most appreciated.

    The nose of the kite should rise up till it is directly over your head. Move you fingers down on the bridle till you start to see the nose of the kite drop. That would be it! Your arms should be extended out and up at a 45 degree angle.

    If you start out with your fingers low on the bridle and hold the kite up than it will rise up slightly. the higher up the bridle you go the further the nose will move up. Get it so it just peaks (directly over your head) and that will be the set point to 'nose in' flying.

    Nose in would be for flying in lite wind for the most lift and also very heavy wind to reduce pull. Any bridle adjustments from there should be from that point to lower by 1/4' adjustments. A duel line adjusted lower in higher winds will pull very much.

    Thus: it should just stay vertically over head maintaining flight.

    Try this with a kite that has the factory marks on the kite bridle just to get an idea of what's happening. I started out by holding the kite from the bridles just off the floor and comparing the nose and the bottom to the kite related to the floor. By making the nose farther distance from the floor than the bottom. Giving the angle of attack. What a pain this proved to be but it will give you some insight on where your at with the adjustment.

    For more of the  excellent advice given follow the link.          KITE CLUB  

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    The Kent kite flyers are hold regular events during the year.

    There next event is on Walmer beach :

    Event Description

    The third year for this event. Lets hope we don't lose quite so many kites to the sea this time round. As usual, we are just along the coast from our normal spot, towards Walmer Castle, but quite near the lifeboat station. We fly on the beach, and leave the grass area for public flying. We always get good public interaction at this event.

    Website Link :   kent kite flyers events 

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    Childrens Kite Safety


     Flying your Children's Kites Safely·          

    Once you have chosen a suitable children's kite you and your children will have lots of fun 'flying' together. Remember to take into consideration your child's age as different kites are recommended for different age groups. A great way to start with small children is the mini kites range. My 3 kids loved them and had hours of fun and, what's more - they won't break the bank  

    • Just a few tips to help you fly your children's kites safely:
    • Never allow children to fly a kite without adult supervision and assistance.  There are a number of dangers to take into consideration. Strong winds can make a kite hard to control. Children can become tangled in the strings . Children can forget the dangers around them when running to get a kite airborne.
    • Always fly in a large open area free from trees and power lines.  Power lines can pose a huge risk and even result in fatality. If a kite does become dangerously close to a power line do not make any attempt to retrieve the kite but call for professional assistance.
    • Ensure that you and your children are a safe distance from roads . A stray kite could cause a serious road accident if it strays out of your control and into the path of a vehicle.
    • It's a good idea to protect your children's and your own skin from scrapes, cuts, and burns caused by kites and kite lines. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended, and gloves are essential. Strong winds can cause kites to pull dramatically, causing deep cuts to unprotected hands. This can ruin your children's kites experience .
    • Keep a close eye on the weather and avoid flying your kite in stormy conditions. NEVER fly a kite when their is a danger of lighting or thunder.
    • Keep an eye out for animals as they can be easily frightened by kites. Exercise caution when flying in the vicinity of animals, especially horses. When spooked, horses have a tendency to bolt, putting their riders and those in their path at risk.
    • Running with kites is part of the fun so pick a flat grassy area and avoid steep slopes, rocky areas or uneven ground as trips and falls can cause a serious injury and can ruin a good days kite flying for you and your kids.  
    • As long as you use a little common sense and avoid unnecessary risks, kite flying for you and your children will be good safe fun. 
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    Once again the skies above Southsea Common, Portsmouth will be filled with a myriad of kites of all shapes and sizes on August 11th and 12th 2018, 10am until 5pm both days. This free event is jointly organised by Portsmouth City Council and The Kite Society of Great Britain.  

    It will be truly spectacular with hundreds of kite fliers from around the world travelling to the event.  Why are the kite fliers so keen to come? They travel to Portsmouth because the Portsmouth International Kite Festival is recognised as one of the best Kite Festivals in the world. Having been listed as one of the 23 biggest kite festivals in the world.

    The event has a spectacular setting on Southsea common overlooking the Solent and the location offers wide open spaces and good winds which allows kites fliers to show off their creations at their best.

    This year celebrates the 27th Portsmouth International Kite Festival and the theme is “Kites and Art”.

    We hope to have kites and kite fliers from around the world.

    The festival will have a stunning and colourful demonstration of the art of kite flying and kite making reflecting the tradition of kites around the world, with many kites in the sky and on the ground for visitors to enjoy and admire. These include beautiful single line kites - intricately appliquéd or painted with magnificent designs, amazing cellular kites – flying miracles of structural engineering, awe inspiring 3D soft kites in a magical range of shapes and sizes and skilfully flown kites performing excellent tricks and routines to music

    Alongside this amazing flying display there will be a host of other activities to meet a family’s needs. These will include a craft marquee, free children’s kite workshop and local amusements. Also located on the common will be dedicated kite traders who will be able to provide you with a wide range of kites, from colourful branded kites for children or the young at heart to immense power kites for the more adventurous.    

    The 27th Portsmouth International Kite festival promises to be a great day out for all the family, taking place from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you don’t miss a great day out. Don't forget it is free for everyone.

    SITE LINK :                     PORTSMOUTH KITE FESTIVAL 

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