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  • The Kite Society of Great Britain
    Founded 1979
    There compehensive site is intended to provide a  reference source to information about kites and kite flying so finding your local kite group, kite stockist or the rules that govern kite flying can be found here.  Follow the links and explore the different aspects of kite flying in Great Britain.  All information is as up to date as we can manage but obviously some details change over time and we cannot be responsible for this.

    A GREAT RESOURCE for Kite flyign in the UK

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    Why You Should Take Your Child Kite Flying

    “Let’s go fly a kite!” The words immediately bring thoughts of sunny days with cool breezes and fun. Nothing stimulates the imagination quite like kite flying. Additionally, there are many benefits for your child in an afternoon of kite flying, including the following:

    Kiting is a healthy activity

    Vitamin D comes from sunlight. Just make sure your child wears sunscreen for protection.
    Kiting provides exercise for your child’s eyes as they focus far and near observing and controlling the kite’s flight.
    Your child will get moderate exercise towing their kite higher to find faster air.

    Kiting is a social activity

    Kite flying provides quality family time with mom or dad providing the necessary assistance to get the kite off the ground.
    Many cities, towns, schools, parks, and recreational centers have kite flying areas and activities. Participating with friends teaches your child valuable social skills.
    You can increase your child’s enjoyment of kite flying by helping them learn to get their kite off the ground and in the air. The following tips and suggestions will help you do so:

    Picking a Good Spot for Flying the Kite

    The best place to fly a kite is a wide open space without trees, power lines, or other obstructions that can catch your kite. Stay away from hills, because the wind will make kite flying difficult. Parks and beaches are both ideal places for kite flying.

    Getting Your Kite into the Air

    Probably the hardest part of kite flying is getting the kite into the air. Avoid running as it is dangerous and seldom works. The best way is to help your child by having them hold the kite 60-90 feet downwind and then give it a gentle pull when they release it. Once the kite is in the air, you can let out more line.

    You can also teach your child to get the kite in the air on their own by standing with their back to the wind, lifting the kite up in the air and letting a gust of wind catch it. Once the wind does so, they release the kite gently and it should begin to climb.

    Keeping Your Kite Aloft

    Different kite designs need different amounts of wind for successful flying. That is because their material, style, and size are different. Some kites come with wind recommendations on the package. If not, your child will need to use trial and error to find the best wind speed for successful flying. Kites flying in too much wind may loop and dive and be difficult to control. Too little wind and the kite will not stay up in the air. However, once the kite is flying high and smoothly, keep the string at a comfortable tightness and it is not hard to keep it up. If the string is too slack, reel some in; but if the kite pulls, let some out.

    Bringing Your Kite Down

    Generally speaking, your child will find landing the kite easier than getting it up in the air. Have your child reel the kite in slowly while walking toward the kite. Remind your child to wind up the string slowly and carefully so it does not get tangled or knotted.

    Kite flying is not only good exercise and an excellent social activity, but it also provides a fun time to share with your child. Watch the weather for those beautifully breezy days, particularly in the fall and spring and take your child kite flying.

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    An Extract from : Kite fying around the world 

    Let’s talk about about kite-flying around the world! First, a look at the history of kites, then 10 of the biggest kite festivals around the world, plus books and crafts for kids! Get outside and fly a kite today!!!

    Although the history of kites has been debated, there is evidence of kite flying in China from more than 2000 years ago! There is one Chinese legend that suggests that a peasant’s straw hat flew off his head, but followed him in the air attached to a thread from his clothing- perhaps the first inspiration for kites?

    It is also said that General Han Hsin flew a kite for the walls of a city he was attacking, to measure the tunnel his troops needed to build. Kite flying spread by traders from China to Korea and then to India. Monks used bamboo and silk kites for religious and ceremonial purposes, sending messages and prayers to the spirit world.

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    Keep yours eyes out for Kite festivals in 2019

    The Portsmouth kite festival is one to see !  

    Portsmouth International Kite Festival takes place on Southsea Common, Portsmouth.

    Jointly organised by Portsmouth City Council and The Kite Society of Great Britain it promises to be more spectacular than ever with over a hundred invited kite fliers from 4 continents travelling to the event. They come because the Portsmouth International Kite Festival is recognised as one of the best Kite Festivals in the world.

    The event will see colourful demonstrations of kites including swarms of snakes, frogs, lizards, whales, jesters, fish, salamanders and much more. Also in the sky there will be a wide range of kites to enjoy and admire. These include beautiful single line kites - intricately appliquéd or painted with magnificent designs, amazing cellular kites – flying miracles of structural engineering, awe inspiring 3D soft kites in a magical range of shapes and sizes and skilfully flown kites performing excellent tricks and routines to music. Many of these expert kite fliers have been coming to the kite festival for years and they always put on their best display of beautiful kites both in scheduled arena events and in free flying throughout the event.

    At the 2016 Portsmouth International Kite Festival, a new world record for the number of Trilobite kites flown together was set, 21 in total. Since then the record has passed to the U.S.A. with 30 being flown, but the kite fliers intend to take it back again this year.

    Alongside this amazing flying display there will be a host of other activities to meet a family’s needs. These will include a craft tent, stalls, free children’s kite workshop and children's rides along with local amusements. Also located on the common will be dedicated kite traders who will be able to provide you with a wide range of kites, from colourful branded kites for children or the young at heart to immense power kites for the more adventurous.

    Portsmouth International Kite Festival 2019 promises to be a great day out for all the family, taking place from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you don’t miss a great day out on Southsea Common.

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