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  • Why Do Kites Fly ?

    A Great informative simple clear article on why kites fly . Take a look at the full article by following the link : 


    A kite flies because the wind pushes it

    The wind exerts a force on the kite. You can feel this force when you stand with the kite in the wind. The wind pushes the kite (and you). The force can be so strong that you find it difficult to stand still. The wind will blow you away.

    The wind also pushes the kite when it flies. It cannot blow the kite away as the kite is tied to the string. But the wind can blow the kite up into the air because the kite is at a slight angle to the wind.

    What is happening?

    When the kite is flying there are three forces in action. There is the force from the kite string, the force of the wind and the force of gravity.

    The force of the wind pushes the kite upwards and backwards.
    The force of the kite string pushes the kite forwards and downwards.
    The force of gravity pulls the kite straight down to the ground.
    The kite stands still in the air when:
    The wind pushes the kite backwards as much as the kite string pushes it forwards
    The wind pushes the kite up as much as gravity and the kite string pull it down.
    When the kite stops still in the air, it is said to be in equilibrium.

    How does the kite rise into the air?

    The kite rises into the air because the wind pushes it upwards more than the kite string and gravity pull it down.

    Why does the kite stop rising in the air?

    How much the wind pushes the kite up depends on the extent of the kite’s angle to the wind.

    When the kite is nearly perpendicular to the wind, the wind pushes it strongly because there is a large area to push. When the kite is nearly parallel to the wind, the wind pushes it weakly because there is less of an exposed area. You can feel this yourself when you walk against the wind with the kite. It is easiest if you turn the kite with its side towards the wind.

    As the kite climbs it lies more and more with its side towards the wind. Therefore the wind’s force drops as the kite gets higher and higher. At the exact point where the pushing force of the wind becomes the same as the kite string and gravity, the kite stops climbing.

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    Guide on how to choose a kite  

    The best kites to start with is a single-line kite, and there are many designs to choose from.


    • Delta kites: are just as easy as diamonds and make great first kites. These triangle-shaped kites again come in many patterns, and an even greater range of sizes. We have them right up to a 19 foot wingspan, with enough pull to give anyone a good work-out on a windy day! Smaller ones, in the 4ft to 6ft range, are ideal for children, and need only the insertion of one strut to be ready to fly. Deltas fly without tails, but look better and are more stable in higher winds with one of the many types of tail available.


    • Diamond Kites: are one of the simplest kites to assemble and fly, and come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and sizes. They almost always need a tail to fly well, and although this is usually supplied, you can change it or add to it if you wish.


    • Easy-flyer kites: are a variation of the delta, with permanently-attached tails. They are ideal for children, and are so stable that they are almost guaranteed to fly in all but the most unfavourable conditions. Once more, they come in many patterns, and some designs are very amusing.


    • Cellular or Box Kites: are interesting structures that, with a good wind, can fly well. There are even ones which revolve in flight, making a fascinating spectacle. Most of these kites need more assembly than the three previous categories and are not quite as easy to fly. There are some, however, that are pre-assembled. They just pop open and are then ready to launch immediately.


    • Parafoils and Sleds: are kites that rely on the wind to inflate them, rather than on spars (sticks) to keep their shape. All but the smallest sleds usually have very thin, flexible spars built in to them, while parafoils are entirely soft. Large ones can pull very hard, but the smaller ones are perfect for a child, and pack up so small and light that you can take them anywhere with no trouble. Flying them is easy, but they are not always quite as stable as the sticked kites.

    There are many more specialised types of kite that you may want to explore once you have mastered the art of kite-flying.

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    10 fun ways to make a kite 

    With summer officially here, playing outside becomes a fun daily adventure. A kite is a fantastic way to play outdoors and also makes an entertaining summer craft. We’ve rounded up 10 creative ways to make this nostalgic summer toy – from cool tetrahedral to colorful confetti kites, simple folded paper kites, or ones kids can fill in with their artistic doodles. Many of these can actually fly high in the sky which makes them a toy worth making.

    Have you ever tried making a kite?

    Simple Paper Kite (via Inner Child Fun)
    This easy paper kite is one kids can make in less than 5 minutes with materials you probably already have in the home.

    Tetrahedral Kite (via Instructables)

    Make this impressive 10 cell tetrahedral kite that’s an eye-catcher in the sky with some simple materials like straw and wrapping paper.

    Confetti Kite (via Parent Savvy)

    This vibrant confetti kite is one kids can get hands-on in making and looks so pretty flying high up on the sky.

    Decorative Driftwood Kite (via hello, Wonderful)
    Go on a nature walk and turn collected finds into a rustic driftwood kite drawn in with the kids’ artwork.

    Tyvek Sled Kite (via Babble Dabble Do)
    This bright and colorful Tyvek Sled kite with bright streamers would bring a smile to any kid excited to fly it.

    Finger Kites (via That Artist Woman)
    These cute finger kites are a great way to show off your kids’ art and fun for little hands to hold.

    Butterfly Kites (via Creative Jewish Mom)

    Use colorful tissue paper to create shapes like these adorable butterfly kites.

    Simple Paper Kite (via Made by Joel)
    Quite possibly the easiest kite for kids to make and the best part is that it actually flies!

    Stained Glass Kites (via Make and Takes)

    These lovely decorative kites make sparkly window decorations and are a fun art project for the kids.

    Colorful Kites (via Red Ted Art)
    Can you believe these gorgeous kites were made by kids? There are endless possibilities here to make your own colorful kite in this simple tutorial.

    Website Link :       10 Ways to make a kite 

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    Found this little jem of a blog while looking for kites ! Take a look at their site it is a really interesting blog. Much praise given to God through out the blog. A Really uplifting read. 

    Treasures In Jars of Clay

    "But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us." 2 Corinthians 4:7

    Monday, July 30, 2018
    As I flew around the house yesterday, throwing final items into suitcases and totes, there were several knocks at the door.

    Sowunit died. A man with 7 kids. He had an excruciating tumor, about the size of 1/3 a volleyball protruding from his face when we met him, flat on his back, unable to eat or see from one eye because of the grotesque tumor. He came down to Addis, had multiple surgeries and spent months recovering before returning to his family. He had lost an eye but could eat again and then…he died. The family isn’t sure what happened. 

    And then another neighbor came, one of our closest. He asked if we could give him a ride to get some folk rabies treatment. His dog had been bit by a stray dog. They had their dog tied for observation but then their dog bit his wife and daughter. Folk medicine is hard on the body and from what we have observed, ineffective. I told Jon if either of these dear women die of rabies, I think it will be my undoing. Last night as I lay in bed, I contemplated the life we live, full of paradox, beauty mixed with gritty pain. I sometimes wonder if it might leave me so broken there will be no fixing me.

    I know God is Healer and I pray Him over these situations. Thank you for praying along our family and our neighbors.

    Website link :             Jonandamygblogspot

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