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  • The City of Bradford give their Advise during this difficult time :

    Playing outdoors is good for you and your children

    It improves mental health
    It helps to build healthy bodies
    Children who play outside are happier, smarter, more attentive and more confident
    Use your garden, local parks or green space
    If you have a garden you can play with your children outdoors, or you can go to your local park. At this time, playgrounds in parks are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play on the grass and in the woods. As you can only go outdoors once a day for some exercise, try to schedule in a time when your whole household can go and make the most of this time. Outside spaces are great for running, jumping, rolling, playing, hopping, skipping and simply having lots of fun .

    What can you do outside?

    Play with what you find – twigs, leaves, pebbles
    Splash in puddles
    Fly a kite
    Take a ball and play catch or football
    Jump around
    Count the different birds and flowers

    Take a look at their website page :             Getting Outside 

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    Kite flying is on the up ! 

    Mind the Pun but . Kite flying is really taking off in these strange times.  

    Parent Map  website have come up with 7 Genius Ideas to Help Overcome the Loneliness of Social Distancing. 
    With creative ways to increase fun, generosity and connection during the coronavirus crisis.

    No 2 Idea is : 

    Play with kids in the park with social distancing.
    Fly kites. Play kickball. Ride bikes. If we move to shelter in place, then we will have to figure out how to do major aerobics in the home.

    We have definitely seen a huge increase in equiries about kite flying since the Lock Down began which has got to be a very small bonus during a really difficult time for everyone.  Childrens out in the fresh air for a short time and away from the home has got to be good you will agree.   


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    Jesus and Corona Shaming Simon Medcroft 

    Simon takes a look at  Mathew 7 v 1 - 12  .

    Judging others -  Why we shouldn't judge each other, but how we should in the light of our own failings and God's mercy on us not point out the failing in each others to inflate our own opinion of ourselves and self righteousnous.  Jesus pulls no punches " You Hypoctites " 

    Simon then goes on to really helpfully open up the next part of the passage which i have never really understood, so wrongly ignored " Dog's and Pig's ". I feel i do now have a better understanding .

    This has, as usual been a really helpful look at this passage epsecially as we are all stuck at home and our weaknesses can be showing in our relationships even more than usual .

    Thanks Simon . Great teaching .

    You Tube Link .      Jesus and Corona Shaming by Simon Medcroft 

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    It wont add a moment to your life , It wont change anything , 

    Ben looks at  Mathew 6 V19 - 34

    The passage starts with  " Do not  store up for yourselves treasures on earth " 

    Ben opens up this passage and then leading on to 7 points why you shouldn't worry . 

    A really helpful accessible look at this passage at a time when people are worrying in a way they haven't worried before. 

    To listen to Ben follow the link:   Do Not Worry 


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