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  • My kite spins immediately it takes off into the air then it crashes to the ground . HELP !          anon

    Immediate Instability can be the first problem faced when flying a new kite

    The kite spins quickly as soon as it has been released or rises a short distance then turns and dives into the ground.

    Immediate action

    1. Don’t let go
    2. Slacken off the line before the kite  hits the ground . The kite may correct itself  or it might continue to fall to the ground but hopefully not with such force avoiding it being broken.
    3. Check that the kite is assembled correctly ( take a look at the assembly instructions )

    Possible reasons

    1. The kite has been assembled incorrectly.
    2. The wind is to strong for flying.
    3. The kites bridal needs adjusting ( assemble instructions will tell you how to do this )
    4. The kite may benefit from a tail being fitted to give it more stability.

    Hope that this is helpful . You can also take a look at our Problems flying guide by following the link :


    OR go to the kite societies  faults advice page :  


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