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  • Check the wind conditions

    All children's kites have a recommended wind speeds for flying. Easier kites should fly in lighter winds. Larger kites as a rule may need a stronger wind to fly. Very Strong winds and insufficient winds can both create problems equal problems getting your kite in the air when learning to fly. You can gauge the strength of the wind by either purchasing a wind sock or just by watching the tops of the trees for movement. Remember that the wind can often be stronger the higher it is . If the tops of the trees are moving but the wind on the ground is slow follow the advice for light winds .

    An open clear space is crucial for flying your children's kite both for getting your kite airborne and your own and your child's safety. Trees and buildings to near to where you are flying will be both a significant hazard for flying and may create a bumpy wind making it difficult to fly.

    Watch out for kite eating trees !!

    Never fly in stormy weather especially in either rain or where there is a risk of lightening.

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