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  • Sport Kiting

    Kites which can be actively controlled by the flyer to manoeuvre in the air are often referred to as stunt kites or sport kites. These may have two or even four control lines.

    Modern sport kite flying is diverse and rewarding with many different aspects.

    Delta wing kites are used for tricks or precision. 
    Trick, or freestyle, flying pushes kites to their limits by performing tricks that require the kite to turn, flip or rotate in extreme ways - falling with style. 
    Precision is about demonstrating control of the kite - flying preset patterns, or even interpreting a piece of music.
    Two or more flyers can fly together as a pair or a team, again demonstrating their ability to fly their kites in preset patterns, or in a ballet choreographed to music, but with the added complexity of the spacing and timing of multiple kites. In a mega-team a large number of flyers, anything from six to over thirty, fly together in a controlled (or sometimes semi-controlled) way.
    Four line kites offer new degrees of control and complexity, again individually, or in pairs or teams.
    Some kites are designed to produce power, or traction. These are sometimes used to pull land boards, or three or four wheel kite buggies. Kite-surfing, where a kite is used to power a board surfer (a bit like wind-surfing, but with strings), is extremely popular. (See BKSA and PKA.)
    There are often competitions associated with these sport kites, such as buggy races, or precision competitions for individuals, pairs or teams.

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