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  • An indepth look at problems flying kites and possible actions to remedy. 

    An article written for the kite society :

    1. Flying Faults and possible actions

    - or what to do if your kite won’t fly. 

    The basic approach is from the point of view of a flier
    on the end of the line of a kite which is not in stable

    1.1 Immediate Instability
    The first problem is when the kite spins quickly as
    soon as it has been released or rises a short distance
    then turns and dives into the ground. 

    1.2 Faults in vertical elevation
    Consider the situation where the kite is flying so you
    are looking at the underside of the front but although
    ‘stable’ it is not flying perfectly 

    For the full article Follow link :   The Kiteflier, Issue 106 

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