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  • How to Make Kids’ Kites that Really Fly !

    There’s something magical about kite flying, which is why this fun activity is bound to be a big hit with your children. Kites for kids are simple to make, and needn’t cost much at all – all you need are some basic household items and a windy day! 

    Kite Making Materials
    A large piece of lightweight fabric, approximately 1m x 1m in size
    Two 1m long bamboo canes
    One 30cm long bamboo cane, or wooden dowel
    A stapler and staples
    If your kids are lending a hand while you’re making the kite (you may find it hard to stop them!) be sure to supervise them if they are using scissors and staples, and also while handling the bamboo canes.

    For more information go to persil's website : HOW TO MAKE KITES THAT REALLY FLY


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