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  • Kite flying competition

    What is it?
    • Organise a kite flying competition and raise money for the British Red Cross!
    • The person who performs the best kite tricks or can keep their kite flying the longest is the winner.
    • Raise money by setting a suggested donation for people to pay to join in (maybe £1).

    What you’ll need


    • A date for your competition
    • Lots of people to take part, with their kites
    • A venue with a wide open space
    • Permission from your youth leader or teacher
    • A way of making sure everybody knows about it so that they can come along. Think about the ways you can do this – maybe using posters, newsletters or announcements
    • A safe, sealed or lockable place to keep the money you raise
    • Someone who can write a cheque for the amount you raise

    WEBSITE LINK :    British Red Cross Kite Flying Competition

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