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  • I've just discovered that April was the National Kite flying Month.

    They have some GREAT tips on there website. Take a look by following the link :

    National Kite Month Website 

    Just to give you a taste from there site Below.

    Professor Kites General Rules for Picking Kite Days:

    Because we don’t control the wind, we learn to watch for the right kite flying conditions.

    Wind that is too strong or too light is difficult to fly in. A flag or windsock is handy to help you see the wind. About 5-25 mph is best for most kites (when leaves and bushes start to move, but before it really starts to blow).

    Flying is most fun when the wind is medium so you can do more than just hold on. You can make your kite dance across the sky by pulling in and letting out the line.

    Flying Space should be a clear, open area. Stay away from roads, power lines or airports. Open fields, parks and beaches are great for flying kites. The more room you have, the more line you can let out.

    Remember that as the wind goes over and around trees and buildings, it gets bumpy and difficult to fly kites in. Watch out for kite eating trees!

    No Storms: Never fly in rain or lightening. Electricity in clouds is attracted to damp kite lines and foolish kite fliers.

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