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  • STACK-UK: The Home of Sport, Team and Competitive Kite Flying in the UK

    STACK is a voluntary organisation that supports the development and promotion of Kite Flying as a Sport. We cover the whole range of Sport Kiting disciplines, including Individual, Pairs, Team and Trick Flying.

    Our sport is still relatively young and flyers are spread throughout the UK. STACK UK's aim is to get Sport Kite Flyers together so that they can learn from each other and develop. As Kite Flyers become competitors, we arrange and support a range of competition events at local, national and international level.

    If you are a STACK member, we hope that you will find this website a useful resource. We will do our best to make it so. For those who are new to Sport Kiting, there should be enough here to encourage you to get out there and fly, because that is what we are all about.

    WEBSITE LINK :            STACK-UK

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