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    Not every flight goes well. If your kite isn't flying right, maybe you have one of these problems:

    X  Lousy Wind: There may not be enough wind. Or maybe there is too much. The amount of wind you need to fly easily depends on the design of your kite. If your kite uses a tail, try adding or reducing the tail's length in different winds.

    X Turbulence: Are you trying to fly behind a big tree or building? The wind is going to be really bad there.

    X Tuned Out: Remember that you can adjust the towpoint on most kites for different winds. This is called "tuning". If your tow-point is too high or too low, your kite won't fly. Try setting it about 1/3 from the top of the kite for starters.

    Loopy: If your kite loops around in circles, try adding tail, adjusting the tow-point, or tightening the bow line.

    X Dragging: If your kite won't lift, try reducing tail, adjusting the tow-point, or loosening the bow line. Is your flying line wet or too heavy? Is the sail of the kite too loose to catch the wind? Make adjustments to lighten the load and increase efficiency.

    X  Unstable: Winds close to the ground aren't as good as the wind up fifty feet or so. Get a good launch and fly up into smoother winds.

    X  Technical Difficulties: When all else fails, make sure your kite is put together right. Always read (and save) the instructions that come with your kite. 

    WEBSITE LINK  :          How to FLY a KITE

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