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  • Childrens Kite Safety


     Flying your Children's Kites Safely·          

    Once you have chosen a suitable children's kite you and your children will have lots of fun 'flying' together. Remember to take into consideration your child's age as different kites are recommended for different age groups. A great way to start with small children is the mini kites range. My 3 kids loved them and had hours of fun and, what's more - they won't break the bank  

    • Just a few tips to help you fly your children's kites safely:
    • Never allow children to fly a kite without adult supervision and assistance.  There are a number of dangers to take into consideration. Strong winds can make a kite hard to control. Children can become tangled in the strings . Children can forget the dangers around them when running to get a kite airborne.
    • Always fly in a large open area free from trees and power lines.  Power lines can pose a huge risk and even result in fatality. If a kite does become dangerously close to a power line do not make any attempt to retrieve the kite but call for professional assistance.
    • Ensure that you and your children are a safe distance from roads . A stray kite could cause a serious road accident if it strays out of your control and into the path of a vehicle.
    • It's a good idea to protect your children's and your own skin from scrapes, cuts, and burns caused by kites and kite lines. Long sleeves and trousers are recommended, and gloves are essential. Strong winds can cause kites to pull dramatically, causing deep cuts to unprotected hands. This can ruin your children's kites experience .
    • Keep a close eye on the weather and avoid flying your kite in stormy conditions. NEVER fly a kite when their is a danger of lighting or thunder.
    • Keep an eye out for animals as they can be easily frightened by kites. Exercise caution when flying in the vicinity of animals, especially horses. When spooked, horses have a tendency to bolt, putting their riders and those in their path at risk.
    • Running with kites is part of the fun so pick a flat grassy area and avoid steep slopes, rocky areas or uneven ground as trips and falls can cause a serious injury and can ruin a good days kite flying for you and your kids.  
    • As long as you use a little common sense and avoid unnecessary risks, kite flying for you and your children will be good safe fun. 
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