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  • Learn to fly a kite by watching Chris 

    A great way to learn how to fly a kite is to watch Chris Maxa, General Manager of Kite Loft . He shows how to fly a Delta kite and explains why this is one of the best kites to fly. I agree Delta kites are often overlooked for the traditional diamond kite but Delta kites are "by far" my favourite kite to fly. Chris gives great safety advice as well .

    He makes it look so easy . But if the wind is right and you have a good kite to fly It is easy. He also shows how to bring a kite back down. ( without crashing it )

    To see Chris show how to fly a kite follow the link : HOW TO FLY A KITE


    To take a look at our Delta kites take a look at our shop page     DELTA KITES 


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