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  • How to fly a kite 

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    What could be more fun than a wide open field, a warm breeze, and a dancing kite?
    For young fliers, it's an educational adventure. You can learn about science, physics, history, culture, weather and ecology -- without even thinking hard. And for adults, it's a chance to feel young again. Kite flying is great fun - and it's easy when you know how.
    Kites like lots of room. The bigger your flying space is, the happier your kite will be.
    As the wind goes around trees, buildings, and hills, it gets bumpy. This bumpy wind is called "turbulence".
    You can't see it, but it's very difficult to fly a kite well in turbulent wind. So stay far away from obstacles that cause turbulence. The "rule of turbulence" is that wind will be bumpy for ten times as far downwind as an obstacle is high.
    Also look out for obstacles behind your kite. Ever hear of a "kite eating tree"? Because the wind gets turbulent as it gets close to large objects, kites may get drawn in and crash. So don't even let your kite close
    to trees downwind. 

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