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  • How to fly a kite: three essential tips

    1. Pick the right kite

    The kite has to match the match the wind conditions. Light and medium winds (6-15 mph) will serve the traditional designs such as the Dragon and the Diamond. If the wind is strong, however (8-25 mph), you might want to go for a Box or stickless Parafoil kite to maintain flight easily.

    2. Pick the right day

    You will want a breeze but you don't want a gale. With a nice breeze, you can make your kite dance and soar, and maybe even loop and trick. A strong gale will have you holding on for dear life, as your beloved tries to escape. Avoid rain and lightning, too.

    Clouds harness electricity that is attracted to wet kite lines. If you've seen any public service announcements from the Seventies you'll also know to stay clear of power lines; even trees can mess up a day's flying.

    3. Lift off!

    The kite should be facing you with your back to the wind. A friend to help hold the kite is useful. Then unwind about 20 metres (60 feet) of line once it's up. Then it's just a case of pulling and releasing, depending on whether you want the kite to go higher or lower. It's a breeze.

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