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    Kite flying is a relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed on beautiful, clear days. However, if you’ve never flown a kite before, it can be a bit confusing. Luckily, flying a stunt kite is relatively easy if you assemble your kite properly and keep in mind that symmetry and control is key.

    Assemble the stunt kite rods. Remove the kite from the packaging and find the three rods that come with the kite. There will be two identical shaped rods and one shorter rod.[1] The shorter rod will be stuck horizontally across the kite into the two rod fittings at the top tip of the kite. This short rod is going to keep the kite spread open near the top. Be sure to keep the kite strings (bridle) out of the way.[2]

    • At the base of the kite, insert one of the longer rods through the rubber fitting near the center of the kite.[3] Stick the other end of the rod into the rubber fitting on the corresponding side edge of the kite.
    • To match the completed side, insert the other long rod into the center rubber fitting. Then stick the corresponding end of the rod into the other rubber fitting on the side of the kite.[4]

    ‚ÄčAttach the standoffs to the lower rods. The standoffs are the stick like items attached to the end edge of the kite. Insert the standoffs into the standoff fittings that are connected on the two lower rods.[5]

    • Adjust the standoff fittings on the spreader rods so they are even with the standoff attachments on the actual kite.

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