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  • Kite Flying for Fitness
    Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of flying kites.  There was always excitement and sense of accomplishment when the wind would carry the kite high in the air.  But even for adults, kite flying is a great way to get moving and offers benefits for the mind and body.

    A Fun Core Workout
    Flying a kite is a great low-impact core exercise that targets the muscles in the shoulders, chest, back, arms and abs.  Keeping a kite airborne can also improve balance and stability as well as hand-eye coordination since it requires a series of pulls and tugs.

    What Equipment Do I Need?
    Kites come in many shapes and sizes and are designed for different conditions and purposes.  The most common are diamond, box, delta, parafoil, and stunt kites.  You'll also need flying line and a winder.  Some winders are quite simple and some are sophisticated and designed much like a fishing reel. Your local hobby shop can give you some suggestions for the best kite to get started with. And like many activities, kiting is something you can grow in, improving your skill, upgrading your equipment, and exploring new games such as stunts and kite fighting.

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