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    Let’s talk about about kite-flying around the world! First, a look at the history of kites, then 10 of the biggest kite festivals around the world, plus books and crafts for kids! Get outside and fly a kite today!!!

    Although the history of kites has been debated, there is evidence of kite flying in China from more than 2000 years ago! There is one Chinese legend that suggests that a peasant’s straw hat flew off his head, but followed him in the air attached to a thread from his clothing- perhaps the first inspiration for kites?

    It is also said that General Han Hsin flew a kite for the walls of a city he was attacking, to measure the tunnel his troops needed to build. Kite flying spread by traders from China to Korea and then to India. Monks used bamboo and silk kites for religious and ceremonial purposes, sending messages and prayers to the spirit world.

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